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Capital Letter OCD

I Certainly Am! Hope You Enjoy My Compilation Of Stupid Random Junk~
Sep 14 '13
Jul 25 '13

Meowth Headcannon

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Jul 9 '13

Ah, Inspiration Strikes Again, Thank You Youtube~

It’s Been A While And I’ve Been On A Writing And Blueshipping Kick So I Owe You Guys This One, Hope It’s Okay ^^

Jun 30 '13

Just A Little Something For My Favourite Little BrOTP With A Song That I Feel Suits Meowth Pretty Well

Also Because Thanks To A Yu-Gi-Oh Ship With The Same Name I Can Find This Ship Absolutely Nowhere

Jun 30 '13

Finally Got This One Finished, I’ve Had It Done For A Couple Days But My Laptop Has Not Been Happy About Letting Me Render It. Anyway, Credit For The Idea Goes To thedivascartoonist Who Very Nicely Let Me Take A Crack At It, Hope It Turned Out How You Hoped ^^

Also The Video Time Turned Out At 052 Which Is Meowth’s Pokedex Number And This Pleases Me

Jun 27 '13

I’m Workin’ On Some Stuff Here And There But In The Meantime Here’s Something From Way Back When Krazyshipping Was All I Ever Thought About (I’d Like To Apologise In Advance For This But If It Gets A Cheap Giggle I’ll Be Happy)

Jun 23 '13

In Which Meowth Makes A Startling Realisation And Jessie Makes A Questionable Decision

Jun 23 '13

Meowth Does Not Appreciate Puns

Jun 23 '13

This Is Why I Love Meowth - He’s Me When I’m Home Alone.

Jun 18 '13

Hope This Works Alright For You Guys, Not Bad For A Few Hours Work If I Do Say So Myself ^^

Lemme Know Whatcha Think Anyway, And Thank You Bdugo For Drawing Such Beautiful Things Because They’re Truly Masterpieces ;A;